About Ideahom Centre Sdn Bhd

IDEAHOM CENTRE SDN BHD, the creator of IDEAHOM brand, with its base established in Selangor, Malaysia. Over the past few years, IDEAHOM Group has successfully developed score of hi-tech home appliances products and quality household products.

The company has marketed its products to the world through:

- Sole Distributors/ Agents
- Non-Sole Agents/ Distributors
- Re-exporters/ Trading Companies
- OEM customers.

Currently we have successfully penetrated markets in numerous countries like Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, China, Indonesia, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Canada.

In the near future, we are planning to expand to European market and other countries.

We do everything to satisfy our customers, e.g. developing quality products with substantial cost savings. It is the role and responsibility of every employee of IDEAHOM Group to help to enhance our customers' business.

Ideahom Mission

Product Knowledge
Product Assurance
Business Ethics


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