Korea Lacena 3D Coating Ceramic Wok  

Description Of Korea Lacena 3D Coating Ceramic Wok

    3D Coating - Ceramic 3D coating contains Nano reinforced particles & Nano diamond crystals. These particles make coating itself more durable and allow 3D (hologram) effect on cooking surface. Anodizing reinforcement surface treatment prior to coating process will prohibit oxidization/ efflorescence and absolutely prevents extraction of any of oxidized aluminum particles onto cooking surface. A absolutely no harmful to human body. you can enjoy cooking with our new developed advanced 3D coating.


    - Safety: Absolutely no PFOA, which may be generated while cooking.

    - Easy to clean: Very easy to wash because of ceramic coated interior and exterior.

    - Anion: Anionic ceramic coating generate far infrared rays, which will effect to human body good health. It also make food taste better.

    Far Infrared Rays Emission

    - Emission rate: 0.913 (5~20µm)

    - Radiant Energy: 4.23 x 102 (W/m2- µm, 50 degree Celsius)

    - Hardness: SUPERB Scratch-resistant a compared with general coating materials.

    - Heat resistant: Higher heat resistant of ceramic coating than the raw material of body itself.

Specification Of Korea Lacena 3D Coating Ceramic Wok

Manufacture In Korea
Warranty No Warranty
30CM Model Colour: Orange, Size: 52cm x 32cm x 14cm, Weight: 2KG
32CM Model Colour: Blue, Size: 56cm x 36cm x 16cm, Weight: 2.8KG
34CM Model Colour: Orange, Size: 58cm x 28cm x 17cm, Weight: 3KG
Accessories Pot Body, Glass Lid, Handle